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title: holidays
date: Saturday, 12 June 2010
time:12:23 pm

Holiday gone 1 week !
dun end please .

so i off to KL n seremban for 3 days
1st night at seremban wedding dinner and overnight at USJ
2nd day went to Pavilion n Sungai Wang and overnight at Seremban
3th day Sunway Pyramid and byebye !

i will go in if i rich . uhhhhh

then walk walk to Sungai Wang

2nd day sunway pyramid

we watch the shrek 4



yeah everyone love cotton-on
and i bought a flats !
just pity another flat no my size . uhh

wednesday mengkuangdam for shoot
wake up at 530 o-m-g

the view nice but behind the screen
wet grass . ants . spider . mosquito . blah blah blah

but its funny !

afternoon . siblings came our house from perlis
ohh yeah yeah we have fun !

watched The Karate Kid
i swear you will regret if you haven watch this
its awesome nice larh hell !
i cry few times inside the cinema
nice Jaden Smith !

and now , 1 hour later i'm gonna back to perlis 2 days
yeah my paradise !
will be back on monday

take care everyone !
i love u guys <3

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title: exam season
date: Monday, 31 May 2010
time:7:15 pm

the lil girl cute huh ?
a lil poster on my wall :D

Hellou here .
finally update my almost-RIP-blog .
since many ppl complain i didnt update xD

Four more days to go . Holiday may be the time for me to rest .
really not interested on study =(

receive my Jay Chou 's 跨时代
its make me bankrup till no money eat
pity me .

Currently reading P.S I LOVE YOU
nice book *
you should read it yaa :)

change my blog song
[ World behind my wall ] by Tokio Japan
yea a band from German
their songs are amazing !
fall in love with the band xD

duno when will the next post .
i just lazy to blog blah blah blah :D
maybe .. holiday ? xDD stay tune !

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title: Alien day
date: Wednesday, 28 April 2010
time:9:41 pm

papa back from japan
and bought lots of snackS
白色戀人 <3

and and he bought us burberry & coach
i was shock when saw that
its was a big big surprise !!!!!!
thank you papa !!


<3 <3

Hajimemashite !
that day was Alien day
my Alien came to Auto city !!
how could i miss the chance ??

went to Sushi King for dinner wf mama & sista

then then saw Morries

walk walk
then then saw the Bulan Sabit Merah 's

<3 this photo so muchiiiiie !!!!

Connie ~

omg i look so funny in this photo zz

popek popek wf thm

then then walk walk

act wf them
cantik sangat la mereka
but long hair vili vili vili hot , girls ~

then start to queue
wait for the sign

so , snap !

that uncle hor .... xDDD

Cymin Teow , U U U !
owe me one photo . hahaaaa !

Alien huang ~
i wore a super high heels that day
cz i scard too short cun even see the stage xDD
leg wan patah liao larh ~

aww alien owaz be my fav <3

all ears !!!!!!

** i passed my oral test !!
hurray !! clap hand clap hand !!!!!

Thats all
this few day i very very very happy
but duno why ~
hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

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title: Kappa :)
date: Saturday, 24 April 2010
time:8:13 am


Here ;
Moomoo style ~

last sunday
went to Penang early in the morning for breakfirst !
here this !
is yummy till fly ~
the kopitiam is near the Gurney plaza
and i lost my Christine Dior 's eyeline pen at the kopitiam that day !!

than went to 周天央
bought the Gucci's food ~

then headed to Queens for shop till bankrup
but i more prefer Gurney
but why my sista n mama tak suka gurney ????

Papa spent RM900 at Levi's
his pants belt cloth n undie !

i bought the Kappa's tee !
i love the tee so so so so muchie !!!!

Sakae Sushi

then we went outside eat again
near Gurney Plaza
and so lucky we meet my Ganpa & Ganma !!

they went to Gurney for shop ~
we popek popek at there
they so sweet <3
and they gonna fly to Egypt埃及 nex month for trip
memang rich tillll

Ais kacang Ais kacang ~

hmmpH , went to watch Ais kacang puppy love last saturday at jusco
i think its nice
i laugh-non-stop during the movie ~

duno why this few day i'm so happy

P/s : I forgot to tell my papa to buy me that thing before he went Japan
arghhhhhhhhhhh !

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